⭑ Strictly lovers rock ⭑



The Desirables are a band formed by PXL-Music students in 2018 as a schoolproject with the intention of bringing soulfull oldschool Jamaican-style rocksteady. Consisting of Hanne Verbiest and Eden De Wit who cover the bittersweet soulfull vocals, Kasper Van de Ponseele taking the chops and skanks for his part, Maarten Schelkens bringing the heartbeat and Danté Declercq keeping the bassculture in effect. Together they bring a mix of (forgotten) covers and own work in a true lovers-rock fashion, with respect and love for the culture. Fans and nerds will recognise: Studio One, Duke Reid, Alton Ellis, Ken Booth etc. 

♥ Music for lovers and the brokenhearted ♥



GSM: +32484738160

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